[77% Off] The “Fathership” Mothership Inspired Fab Egg Rig $69.30 Only!

The “Fathership” Mothership Inspired Fab Egg Rig by Smoke Cartel is on sale right here for $69.30 only and free shipping is included for this dab rig. Come with free dome & nail, you can also bundle accessories like Ceramic Nail, Titanium Carb Cap or Quartz Banger for much savings. So act now and take advantage of this special deal today! No coupon code required for the deal!

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This “Fathership” Matrix perc Mega Fab Egg crafted with a bent neck, nail, and dome, which is perfect for relaxed dab sessions with your loved ones. Before shredding through the eight fab holes, the smoke is filtered first by the Matrix perc. Filtration becomes perfect with percolation, improving your smoking. With 11.5 inches height and 14.5mm Male joint, this piece is indeed a sought-after function for an affordable price. Add GlassGuard Protection (optional) for this piece at only $4.85 to protect your glass. With that you would enjoy a 50% off on your next one if you break this piece.

All in all, don't let this excellent deal for “Fathership” Mothership Inspired Fab Egg Rig pass you by! Indeed a deal really worth checking out! Be sure to grab this deal at online headshop Smoke Cartel for only $69.30 or at saving of 77% off or $230.70 saving compared to regular price. Grab this deal now!

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Product Highlights:

  • Bent Neck
  • Fab Body
  • Matrix Perc
  • Glass Nail
  • Polished Dome Joint
  • 90 Degree Joint
  • Scientific Glass
  • Clear Glass

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