Dabbing is a mode of consumption that has been around for almost a decade, but the introduction of advanced extraction methods have headed to cannabis that have increased the popularity of dabbing. A dab refers to a dose of concentrate that is being heated on a searing surface, commonly a nail and then gasped using a dab rigs or oil rigs. While there are concerns that need to be successfully addressed about the potency of concentrates and safety of production, this latest trend is not all bad.

How Dabs are Made?

Dabs are known as concentrated doses of cannabis that are made by extracting cannabinoids and THC using a solvent like carbon dioxide or butane, resulting in sticky oils known as BHO, budder, shatter and wax. While it is likely to extract CBD, THC is the cause of powerful effects of dabs and this is one of the reasons why it is considered as the most efficient and fastest way to get really medicated. Aromatic oils or terpenes are the ones that provide cannabis flavor that can be extracted.

Apprehensions Surrounding Dabbing

According to some researches, dabbing can be risky. It is the extraction process that can be unsafe. In addition to this, the real dabbing process is quite scary. Substances and glass bongs that are heated using blow torches that would lead to the comparison that dabs are the crack of pot. While this is matter of choice for most consumers, there are fears that dabbing may hurt the legalization movement. Another side effect of these extraction experiments at home is the dirty oil that contains chemical contaminants that could present health hazards to consumers.

Medical Benefits of Dabbing

  • One of the best things about concentrates is that they have the ability to provide powerful dose of medicine those people who really need it. Individuals who are suffering from extreme nausea or chronic pain report that dabbing can be one of the excellent ways to get effective and immediate relief.
  • The safety concerns that are associated with making extracts are real; however they can be easily controlled in a professional environment. One of the surprising side effects of dabbing is that it has successfully created a great interest in activism in younger members’ community.
  • While dabbing may be going through its obstinate phase, concentrated have much to offer cannabis consumers and patients in the future, and dabs are one option among many.

Though dabbing is not for everyone, it has been a life-changer for many individuals who are searching for immediate symptom and pain relief. Dabs have allowed patients to receive the proper amount of fast-acting and potent medications when needed. As stated above, dabbing is not really for everyone. It affects individuals differently. It is highly recommended to conduct your own research, weigh your possible options and make a wise decision for yourself. For those people who want to know about dabbing, browsing the web and having a proper research can be a great help. By doing this, you will easily determine if dabbing is for you.