[30% Off] UPC “Pocket Rig” with Fixed Downstem $39

The UPC “Pocket Rig” with Fixed Downstem is on sale for $39 only right here by Smoke Cartel. Enjoy free shipping for this deal as well! Free dome & nail is available with this deal. You can bundle accessories like Ceramic Nail or Titanium Carb Cap for further savings. Grab this great deal now. No coupon code required for this dab rig!

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This pocket rig has a 45 degree fixed downstem and a pedestal base. Proudly designed in Toluca Lake CA this 10mm, 5 inch tall, little concentrate rig is tiny but delivers a punch. gets you a maximum flavor and maximum punch from your hits. It fits in your pocket and includes a 10mm nail and glass vapor dome. You can add GlassGuard Protection (optional) for this piece at only $2.73 to protect your glass and get 50% off on your next one if you break this piece.

All in all, don't let this excellent deal for UPC “Pocket Rig” with Fixed Downstem pass you by! This is a deal worth checking out indeed! Be sure to grab this deal at Smoke Cartel for only $39 or at saving of 30% off or $17 saving compared to normal price. Grab this deal now!

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Product Highlights:

  • Concentrate Rig
  • Fixed Downstem
  • Male Joint with Female Dome
  • Clear Glass
  • Diffused Downstem
  • Highest Quality Materials

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