The newest craze surrounding the medicinal use of essential oils and herbs is called dabbing. It takes the oil or extracted the oils out of a dried herb in its most pure form and is turned into a vapor when heated.

With all the rage out there about vaping and e-cigs, there is no wonder the legal use of oils and waxes are creating a whole new vaping phenomenon called dabbing. The oil or wax is applied to the nail of oil rigs and heated to high temperatures which turn it into a vapor to be inhaled.

There are numerous different kinds of cheap dab rigs and oil rigs on sale in the market today and can seem confusing when you really don’t know all the terminology like nail and dome. By educating yourself on the components of dab rigs, you can make the best choice for your dabbing experience.

What are Dab Rigs?

Dab rigs or also known as concentrate rigs have three main components which are nail, dome, and torch but unlike bongs, cigarettes, cigars and pipes dab rigs are not designed to catch anything on fire or combust to be inhaled and are a much cleaner form of obtaining the medicinal powers of your herbs and oils. You apply the wax or oils onto the nail of dab rigs, and the nail is heated to extremely high heats by torches which forms the vapor to be inhaled through the dab rigs.

Components of Dab Rigs

You have numerous options when it comes to the nail component of dab rigs or oil rigs as they are also known, but one should know that the nail is responsible for the heating of the oil to create the vapor and should be able to withstand high heat and maintain temperature for extended periods. There are glass, Titanium, Quartz and ceramic nails, which depending on your personal preferences, can be tried to see which works best for your needs.

To dome or not to dome is a personal preference and there are numerous options of both dab rigs out there. Some prefer the domed versions as they give the best inhalation of the vapors because they hold it within the domed glass. Others prefer the dab rigs without the dome for easier use because you don’t have to slide the nail into the dome.

For beginners, you can buy a complete set-up that includes a smaller version of dab rigs that are a glass dome piece and the nail that you slide into the glass piece. The set also comes with the torch and the dabbing wand which helps you swab the oils into the internal part of the nail.

While dabbing is becoming huge, it can seem daunting when trying to choose which dab rigs out there are best. By understanding that your nail is going to be heated to high temps to create the vapor and knowing if you want the dome will help you make an informed dabbing decision.